What's in store for the new year

The 2019 season has already begun, and here’s what we have in store for this coming year:

Sadly Linny and Emma are leaving us sooner than expected, they will start their new journey in CT next weekend. Can’t wait to watch you kill it up there!

The new horses have settled in nicely. We will take them to two local shows this month to run them in, then it’s the A circuit. So where are we headed this winter?

Again this winter we will head to Aiken SC as much as we can for their show season, also hitting the Triangle shows when they pop up too.

We will have a new set of riders & horse combos this year-

Malia will be showing her new mount, Hero

Lindsay will be aboard her new horse- Centus

Audrey will rack up ribbons on Nitrous

Abby will go higher this year with Harm, and whoever else gets put on her list

Of course Tom will ride Shrek, and any others who need the “Tom affect”

We may also have one other 4 legged surprise this winter…. more to come on that later!

Rocque has also made the decision to go back to school, so starting in February we have another girl coming in to take his place. We wish Rocque the best but I’m sure he’ll still pop in time to time.

There’s a quick over view for the next few months, we have big hopes and expectations for this year!