Finding a Partner

A big part in a rider’s success story is the partnership between them and their horse. It’s easy to just hop on any horse and ride it, but how many people actually can trust that horse with everything they have, and allow them to take them through courses without hesitation, and walk back out of the ring together. So, how do you know when you’ve found the perfect partner?

Some horses you sit on and you don’t feel much, just another horse, then some it’s an instant ‘click’ with. Depending on where you are in your riding, you may find one who just carries you over any jump, no matter the distance, no matter how big, and you feel safe with them. You may find one who you instantly fall in love with, and click with, or it may take a few rides to figure them out and trust them. Regardless how fast it takes to trust them, once you do it’s an incredible feeling.

You can tell when a horse and rider are one when they go together and they flow so effortlessly. Having the trust in one another helps both out when you get in sticky situations. You’re trusting your mount to save you, and they’re trusting you to help them get out. Having a strong bond will also make your horse more forgiving when you mess up, rather than them being hesitant after you mess up.

Some people find their partner if they have a younger horse who they’re bringing along, some find one who is already experienced, and some find that one diamond in the rough. Like all those crazy horse girls say- I wasn’t looking for a horse, it just kind of happened!