Behind the Stall Door

Everyone always looks at the trainers as the hero's of the barn- the ones who magically tell you what to do and it somehow works. Well they're not the only hero's in the barn- ever wonder how the barn runs so smoothly, and even on crazy days things seem to work out somehow? It's the one who people hardly ever think of as to why the barn stays running so nicely-  that would be thanks to Tom's son, Rocque.  

Even on mornings when he winds up 2 hours behind schedule fixing a fence that got blown out the night before, he always puts the horses first. He has the part of the job that no one ever thinks of. No one ever thinks of all the long days that are put in, the frozen buckets that get broken, or the 100 degree summer days he's still out there. He makes it possible for us to be able to go away to shows knowing our horses are well cared for. 

He takes great pride in his work around the barn. Broken board? Fixed. Barn and stalls clean? Check. Wire down? A small zap later and fixed! Weeds are wacked. 

Rocque does more then just the dirty work- he kills spiders for Abby, scares Emma, (you can bet she'll get him back!), and he also joins us for get togethers. Without him the barn wouldn't run nearly has smooth! Thank you Rocque!