New faces in the barn

Over the last few weeks we have had some new four and two legged faces at the barn. 

Our first new arrival is a yearling, (Abby FINALLY got her baby horse she wanted!) Hah, just kidding, Kristina brought her other horse down from Virginia. Phinneas is an Oldenburg she bred for herself, he will be her dressage prospect. Phinn is too cute for his own good, and he knows it! He enjoys sniffing you head to toe, drinking from the hose, and is getting closer to brave the shaving bags!   

Our new human face around the barn is Malia. You may have seen some videos of her on our FB, jumping Stallone over a 5' oxer. When Malia came to us she had never jumped more than a foot, so in her first lesson she was over the moon when she jumped 2'6. She has a great heart for riding and is like a sponge, soaks it all up. She's been playing catch up with seat exercises, and is determined to get all the way around in the trot. She is as gutsy as they come and will make a great addition to the barn!

We have 2 more horse and human faces to introduce, Sharesa and Lynda, owners of Nike and Stormy. Sharesa has a Carlchen look-a-like, Nike is a gorgeous grey thoroughbred. Lynda is the owner of redhead, Stormy. Stormy is a QH and enjoys going on relaxing trail rides with Nike.  

Everyone seems to be settling in and it's great to have new faces in the barn! Can't wait for our Happy Hour Fridays again to get to know everyone better! Don't be afraid to stop by on Fridays once show season quiets down for some food and laughs!