Show Season Checkpoint

We are well into the show season and we’d like to give an update on how the riders and horses are doing this year.

We’ll start off with our youngest, Emma-

Emma had her work cut out for herself in the beginning of the show season with trying to figure her new horse out. Emma got her horse Carlchen towards the end of the season last year, he was a big jump going from a little thoroughbred to a 16h warmblood, yet she kept trying harder everyday to learn a little more about him. She learned “speed is not always your friend” and instead is putting power into her ride. Recently Emma has been showing Stallone while Carlchen is getting some time off, and her confidence over the bigger fences is coming back. Keep the confidence up for the remainder of the show season!



Raina- Raina use to do a great job at hanging on to Nitrous as she flies through courses, but Raina is starting to also learn speed is not always your friend. Her seat has gotten much better and she is able to open her canter up and also bring her back for tight turns. It’s much different for Raina, who came from the hunters, she is realizing that there’s a lot that is different but she can feel the improvement and she even says her arms hurt from all the strength Nitrous has! Let’s get those muscles stronger!


Audrey- Audrey has been unraveling the knot more and more each ride with Sydney. She has conquered her run-outs with oxers, and unlike the others-she has been putting the speed on. She has worked hard on keeping Sydney from bullying her around (yes even as small as Sydney is she thinks she’s much tougher!) Audrey has had great showings this season, moving into 3’! Once she gets comfortable with the speed those two won’t be caught!


Lindsay- Lindsay started out showing Midnight Run, flying through courses taking blue after blue, the last few months she has been riding Cassius. Cassius has taught her a ton! She’s getting back into riding with a framing leg and having a whole lot of pressure on the bit, and also, speed is not your friend. The two are getting use to each other and figuring out where each others ‘buttons’ are.  (Amazing how that keeps coming around ha) She’s always still riding her horse, Sadie. Sadie is becoming much quieter and no longer runs to fences, but can quietly trot to them. Looking forward to seeing you back in the big classes again!


Abby- Abby has made tremendous strides! She and Harmony are becoming a competitive pair! They worked hard on turning, Abby got use to Harmony’s speed, (which there is a lot of!), and they are starting to win their classes! Anyone who knows this horse knows what a bull she is and Abby has done great with the patience of learning how to ride her. Can’t wait for the remaining season for these two!


Tom- Tom has gotten back in the show ring! After years of not showing Tom has been showing Stallone and Cassius this year. He has gotten Cassius more exposure to the rated shows. With Stallone he rode in a Grand Prix again after 20 years. Tom is tweaking the little things with his ride, and also getting comfortable over the big heights in the show ring again. Hopefully more GP to come!


All riders made big improvements already, let’s see how the second half of the year goes!