Elderly Spotlight

This week we decided to put one of our elder horses in the spotlight:

Wenderochen 'Georgie'

Georgie is one of the very lucky horses to be owned by such a great lady, Chris Sieber. Chris unfortunately stayed behind in Boston, but sent Georgie down along with one of her other horses, Garth for retirement.

 Georgie has been with Tom for about 18 years, she was a broodmare when they got her and was unridable. She and Tom had it out and she was determined to get him off, every single time. They figured out Georgie knew a lot in dressage, she was showing 2nd level, and working up to 3rd level at home. Since Tom's riders were all jumpers, he decided to make Georgie a jumper also. Tom sold Georgie to Chris not expecting the outcome that came.

Chris and Georgie showed up to 3'3 in the jumpers, and even in her 50s Chris still had a need for speed and would not take anything less than blue. Tom never thought someone could ride so  competitively and she constantly left him speechless as she would beat his top riders and horses. Tom finally banned poor Chris from the jumpers, and even the hunters! That's where those two started to dominate in the dressage ring. 

Georgie continued to be able to show with other students in the hunters, and twice in a row was year end champion at NHHJA. She even showed in the WIHS jumpers! Georgie seemed to like to take over in the jumper rings. 

She and Chris worked hard in dressage together and showed up to 4th level. For those who know Georgie know that Chris made her look easy to ride. Watching those two show in dressage was breath taking. Both had a killer competitive look from start to finish, (and sometimes I couldn't tell who was more competitive!) Georgie would still throw a small cow kick here and there to show she's still boss, but hey that's what makes her Georgie! 

Now Georgie enjoys her retirement down with us.