Beating the Heat

Since moving to North Carolina from Boston, we have found that the summers here are rather hot. We had to work around the heat and even give the horses (and riders) days off.

Here are some ways we switch up our summer routine to make sure our riders and horses are staying cool in the heat :


Changing the ride times

- We have started riding early in the mornings (sometimes before the sun is even really up!) We’ll work through until about late morning when the heat really starts to get strong. Early cooler mornings still allow for training rides, late evening rides work great too!

Shorter rides

- Sometimes if someone can’t come early, we normally will reduce the intensity of the ride and focus on a few things to really fix.

- It’s important to watch not only the rider but also the horse, while their riding. We try to keep it lighter for the horse so they won’t have a hard time cooling off afterwards.

Lots of baths!

- It's always nice after a hot sweaty workout to give your horse a bath! There’s nothing I love more than seeing the horses facial expression when getting a nice rinse and drinking from the hose after, plus it’s also nice when the horse gets you just as soaked!


- Of course there isn’t anything better than having a popsicle after a ride. Luckily for our riders, we usually always keep popsicles in the freezer. (Some of the horses even like them to!)