What if I fall? Oh, but what if you fly?

Have you ever seen one of Verden’s riders competing in one height and the following year the same rider is now competing 3 levels higher than when you saw them last? If so, you’re probably thinking the same thing I was - how in the world can one rider progress so quickly? Verden is all about taking leaps and jumps; Although not every jump may be perfect, Verden gives riders the confidence needed to make sure one always gets back up and takes that next leap.

So what’s the secret that gets our riders so far ahead in such a short time? Well, unfortunately there really isn’t one. The only secret is to work hard in and out of the saddle. To help some of our riders build up muscle, we suggested implementing a daily workout routine consisting of push-ups and sit-ups every night. Pretty soon our riders start to realize that they are stronger today then they were 3 weeks ago. 

A great thing about our program is it allows the riders to ride different horses. Riders learn on a variety of horses with different needs and ways of being ridden. In addition, our riders are being supervised to make sure they are always working on their weaknesses and aren’t goofing off. Some of the kids think that Abby’s lessons are more difficult and that she is harder. However, simply put, her training is more rigorous because she’s been climbing up the ladder and has been faced with hurdles that have knocked her down but she’s always fought harder. That’s exactly what she expects from the kids - to have the willpower not to give in and to push oneselves outside their comfort zone and to realize one is capable of jumping and leaping at a higher level.

We like to challenge our riders with things they might not particularly see in the show ring. We do this with our riders so they gain experience and understand how to react in situations that you don’t see every day. As a result of this practice, our riders have the utmost confidence when entering the show ring.  Our riders put in countless hours of hard work trying to jump to the next level. They all have a dream of where they want to be in this sport. We make sure our riders are giving their all into every lesson. The biggest compliment to us is when our riders are turning heads in the show ring as they progress to become the ones to beat. All of the hard-work, time, and dedication invested by our trainers and riders, who train day in and day out, results in advancing up the ladder to become more competitive riders.  

Next time you see one of our riders winning a class, or losing their stirrups in the jump-off and continuing like nothing happened, remember how much work they have put in to get too where they are now.