Cracked Tack and Wintery Days

No one likes to clean tack, especially when its freezing and your conditioner is frozen in your bottle, but have you ever had tack break and blame it on being cheap? Truth is if leather isn’t conditioned and oiled properly, and frequent, the winter will dry it out more!

Just like in the winter when your hands get dry and cracked, the same thing happens to your tack. So, how can you help prevent this? There’s multiple things you can do to keep your tack clean and not stiff this winter-

  1. Start keeping your tack, (bridles, REINS, stirrup leathers etc) clean and oiled BEFORE winter hits. Once the cold hits and your tack gets hard it’ll be much harder to keep it from cracking than if its already kept up.

  2. Wipe the mud and dirt off. With the cold comes mud season. The more dirt and mud that is caked on your tack the more it’ll eat your leather away. It’s good to keep a rag in your grooming box so you always have one after your rides.

  3. Keep your tack in a warmer room. If your tack room is heated, that’s great for you! If it’s not heated you may want to take it home on really cold nights. Keeping the room at a comfortable warm temperature will help the tack stay soft.

  4. There’s no such thing as TOO much oil.

    Start with these few tips to keep your tack in shape this winter, and avoid those mid ride broken reins or stirrups. Remember, if they DO still break mid ride, just keep going!