5 Things to Consider Before Switching from Hunters to Show Jumping

Show jumping is competitive and fun. But it's not for everyone. Consider these fives things if you're thinking about making the switch.

1 - Winning or Losing is Objective

Unlike other disciplines, the show jumping judge only exists to make sure you follow the rules - not decide your placing in the ribbons. There are several types of classes, but generally the fastest time through the pre-set course - without knocking down a rail - wins the class. If you knock down a rail, you are given 4 faults per rail.

2 - Speed Is Important

Speed not only determines the winner in show jumping, but you can actually get penalized for going too slow! Each course has an allotted amount for horse and rider to complete it. If you take longer, you receive time faults that will prevent you moving on to the jump off and count against you.

3 - European Style Training

Show jumping is much more common in Europe and the European style of riding is quite different from the way in which most American riders have been taught. Show jumping technique finds its roots in classic dressage, where there is a focus on collecting the horse and getting them to use more power out of their hind end. Being German, Verden riders train in the classic German style. Did I mention Germany has one of the top show jumping teams in the world?!

4 - Style Doesn't Give You Points

Since show jumping is not judged, whether you ride in a CWD or wear Tailored Sportsman, doesn't matter. It means there is less judgement amongst riders and less pain on your family's wallet! It also means that you can't blame your 4th place on a bad braid job.

5 - Quick Thinking

You have to respond in the show ring to changes and reactions from your horse - and quickly. Lines and distances are important, but they may be at an angle or a short distance to achieve what you want. It's amazing the amount of decisions you have to make in a 60 second course. Be ready for a physical and mental workout.

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